Kimberly Moody

Dr. Daniel and the staff are amazing! I appreciate the kindness and the results.

Robin Migliorini

Dr. Elie Daniel did a bunion correction lapiplasty surgery on me and he and his staff were so caring, no matter what questions or concerns I had he got right back to me himself. I would recommend Dr. Elie Daniel, he will be doing my other foot and I feel I’m in great hands!

Randa Saker

I highly recommend Dr. Daniel. He genuinely cares about his patients. His professionalism and knowledge make him very trustworthy.

Michele Trujillo

I had a bone spur removed from my left big toe and it looks very good and it has healed up very nicely. Dr. Daniel and his office staff are very kind and considerate and will answer any questions or concerns you may have. Their office is always very neat and clean, and I totally recommend this podiatrist's office they have been very good to me!!!

Victor Daniel

Dr. Daniel uses the latest technology for your injuries to heal faster and better. He also has a YouTube channel: Dr. Elie Daniel for more educational content.

Tom Brown

This practice uses the latest technology and cares about their patients.

Bradley Moure

Dr. Daniels has made amazing accomplishments in regard to my ankle, unlike others. One of the best doctors I have met. In my book, he is royalty in the medical field. I would highly recommend Dr. Daniels for your foot and ankle needs.

Jennie Notavailable

Dr. Daniel is such a caring and amazing doctor. Took time to help me with a prescription while he was at home. Took time to correspond with both myself and the pharmacy just to help me due to the pain I was in. Wish all Doctors cared for their patients as he does.

Sarah Watson

Dr. Daniel is always a pleasure and you can tell he genuinely cares about helping his patients. Most doctors will just do the minimum and send you on your way when they can’t see an obvious problem, but Dr.Daniel searches for the answer and does everything in his power to help you get better. 10/10 would recommend.

Hyprocure surgery and it's affect

My oldest patient ever...

Hyprocure after 4 months

Patient had both feet Hyprocured. Very happy with the results

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